Can there be a more fundamental aspect in the foundations of ones faith than the doctrine of Tawheed? It is indeed the most important of them all, the basis by which all others are understood. How one understands the creator, Allah [swt], particularly his attributes, as well as not associating others with him, is in effect one of the main purposes of our existence ; to strive to know Allah [swt] and thus serve and worship him.

Unfortunately, the Ummah of Muhammed [saw] did not hold onto the two weighty things [thaqalayn] upon the death of the Prophet [saw]. As a result, many divergent groups emerged with distorted and twisted understandings of Allah [swt]. There are groups today who affirm attributes of ascent and descent, in a literal fashion, to the creator. They affirm direction, position, place. What is worse, they claim he literally has a hand , a shin, fingers, and other such parts. To avoid the inevitable conclusion of these beliefs, they add in the clause ‘but they are not like ours’. This does not escape from the inevitable likening.

We will here explore what the Thaqalayn [The Noble Quran, and authentic traditions of Muhammed [saw] and his purified progeny] have said on these matters, compared to what some of the other groups have affirmed. We highly recommend reading Kitab al-Tawhid to obtain an understanding of the Shia doctrine of Tawheed. 

Kitab al-Tawhid كتاب التوحيد



Salafi-Aqeedah: Allah sees using his two eyes.

Salafi- Aqeedah:  Possible for Allah to be a physical thing.