To begin with we will quote a tradition whereby Ali ibn Abi Talib makes direct reference to this event. The tradition is deemed authentic and is in the Musnad of Ahmad.   “Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abu Laylah said: I witnessed ‘Ali administering an oath to the people in the plain […]

 How did Ali ibn Abi Talib interpret this event as ...

It must also be noted that the Prophet [saw] had made far greater praise in support of Ali ibn Abi Talib and this should have been something the majority of those in Medina would have heard or known about. Calling him his friend was not as strong as praise he […]

Stronger virtues have been used than ‘Friend’ by the Prophet.

Ali ibn Abi Talib was a man who underwent severe hatred, from his name being cursed in the Pulpit of the messenger of Allah [saw] to facing three major wars from the muslims themselves in his short four years as Caliph.  Ali ibn Abi Talib said: “Two persons [groups] are doomed […]

 The real hatred against Ali ibn Abi Talib

ألَسْتُ أولى بالمؤمنين من أنفسهم؟ قالوا بلى يارسول الله. قال: من كنت مولاه فعلي مولاه [Am i not more worthy /have a greater right over the believers than they are over their own selves? They replied ‘Yes’ O Messenger of Allah. He said whomsoever i am his Mawla, Ali is […]

A holistic assessment of ‘Munkuntum mawla’

The true meaning of ‘Mawla’ within the context of Ghadeer Khumm is a topic of fierce debate. You find a number of Sunni scholars and individuals publishing refutations in books or online claiming that the word has well over a dozen meanings. They therefore state: ‘why would the Prophet ﷺ use a word […]

Analysis of the word ‘Mawla’

One of the most controversial declarations ever made by the Prophet ﷺ is that of Ghadeer Khumm. In front of at least tends of thousands, if not a number nearing the high five figures, where he declared the following[1]:   The classical Sunni interpretation of this is that Mawla means […]

Analysis of declaration – ‘Awla’

In order to justify why the Prophet ﷺ would make a very bold declaration in front of tens of thousands, and perhaps even close to 100,000 [though this is fairly disputed], an attempt is made to claim that the discontent against Ali ibn Abi Talib عليهم السلام was by a large […]

Level of discontent

One of the ways to explain why Muhammed ﷺ would choose to specially deliver a speech at Ghadeer Khumm and use the words he did, as well as interpret ‘Mawla’ is that this was all to defend Ali ibn Abi Talib عليهم السلام from rumours which had spread about him from […]

Was the declaration at Ghadeer-Khumm in response to hateful speech ...