Any discussion about the names of individuals has to take into account the wider cultural context of the time period those individuals are named in. In the 21st century, Muslims who revere the first three Caliphs will immediately have them in their minds whenever the names ‘Abu Bakr’, ‘Umar’ and […]

The cultural context of the period

In order to accurately investigate the naming of the children of Ali ibn Abi Talib, it is important to gain a background of the totality of his offspring.  While sources differ on this issue, we will consult the works of Shaykh Al Mufid  -arguably one of the greatest classical scholars […]

The number and the names of the children of Ali ...

The contentions of Sunni arguments against Ghadir Khumm being a declaration for the appointment of Ali ibn Abi Talib [as] as the leader after the Prophet [saw] has in this piece, been dissected in three main bodies within encompassing multiple categories. 1.The context.  2. The words spoken by the Prophet […]


What many of our Sunni brothers and sisters in Islam are unaware of is that Ali ibn Abi Talib, members of the Banu Hashim, and a number of the companions opposed Abu Bakr and Umar, and did not give their Bayah to them. In fact, Ali ibn abi Talib withehld […]

Did Ali ibn Abi Talib or any of the other ...

While the Prophet [saw] was being buried, some members of the Ansaar heard that certain members of the Muhajiroon sought to take power, and felt that they would be maligned and put to one side and so decided to preemptively select someone among themselves. Umar ibn Al Khattab narrates the […]

The calamity of Saqifah

This is perhaps one of the other main contentions raised against the idea of the confirmation of Ali ibn Abi Talib at Ghadir. The question that is asked is, how is it that some of the close companions of the Prophet [saw] went against his command, and sought leadership for […]

Why was Ali ibn Abi Talib not duly given his ...

To begin with we will quote a tradition whereby Ali ibn Abi Talib makes direct reference to this event. The tradition is deemed authentic and is in the Musnad of Ahmad.   “Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abu Laylah said: I witnessed ‘Ali administering an oath to the people in the plain […]

 How did Ali ibn Abi Talib interpret this event as ...

It must also be noted that the Prophet [saw] had made far greater praise in support of Ali ibn Abi Talib and this should have been something the majority of those in Medina would have heard or known about. Calling him his friend was not as strong as praise he […]

Stronger virtues have been used than ‘Friend’ by the Prophet.