Interested in learning about or reverting to Shia Islam?

Reverting (converting) can be an incredibly emotional and mentally strenuous process. You are given conflicting information by people of all groups and must make the decision which you deem to be closest to the truth. Although we believe that our website demonstrates that Shia Islam is the most intellectually rigorous and rational group in Islam, supported by both religious texts and reason, you may be an individual who still remains confused and wishes to know more.  We are not here to compel you into converting, or speaking bad about the other side, but rather, we will present to you our grounds for claiming to be on the truth, and allow you to make your own informed decision. We believe that the following online books will take you step by step intuitively into demonstrating what we believe. We can not recommend them enough, and it has brought many into the path of Muhammed and his purified progeny. Alternatively, you may not wish to revert, but simply learn about it first. These books should also be more than sufficient to begin with.


A Shiite encyclopaedia:

A Shiite anthology: 

We also highly recommend watching the ‘Reborn’ series on Ahlulbayt TV, which showcases well over 100 interviews from those who reverted to Shia Islam from the most diverse walks of life. 

Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani also has an excellent lecture series on youtube on the misconceptions surrounding Shia Islam:

We also extend our support to you, and should you wish to ask any questions, kindly submit a form on the following page and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Click here to send a question.