How to debate with the Salafiyyah (Ashari/Maturidi response)

The following is an excellent series of Thirteen videos made by an Orthodox Sunni Shaykh rebutting the claims of the Salafis. We do not agree with every point made nor the stance taken in some instances, as we do not share the same Aqeedah with the Ashariyya, but we generally do agree with a number of points and feel as a Sunni response, this is an excellent starting point for rebutting the claims made by the Salafi.

Video one: Explaining Takfir and Advice when Debating


Video Two:The Proper Meaning of “Nothing is Like Allah”


Video Three:The “Kalam” and Its History


Video Four: Figurative Speech in Qur’an (Majaaz)


Video Five: Why Salafis Liken Allah to the Creations


Video Six: Review


Video Seven: Calling on the Dead or the Absent


Video Eight: Reciting at the Graves


Video Nine: The Yad of Allah is not a Hand


Video Ten: Allah Does not Move from Place to Place


Video Eleven: The Hadith of the Slave Girl


Video Twelve: The Meaning of Worship


Video Thirteen: Tawassul