Responding to refutations against Shia Islam

This page is dedicated to providing quality, well researched, and academic responses to refutations against Shia Islam and Shia beliefs. We understand the need to be honest about what sources we use, because it is essential not to be disingenuous, nor twist traditions or force meaning where there is not any. We are not intending to convert Sunni muslims into Shia muslims. Our aim is to present to you the fundamental aspects of our beliefs and to defend our creed. You the reader, are thus armed with accurate information about what we believe and can make your own informed judgement.


Ghadeer-Khum Response

A  thorough and holistic assessment on the declaration made by the Messenger of Allah [saw] at Ghadeer Khum after the farewell Hajj. This work takes into account most of the latest assertions and claims made against the Shia interpretation of the event in an objective and clear manner. 


Thaqalayn – The two weighty things

The Messenger of Allah [saw] made a declaration that he is leaving behind two weighty things [Thaqalayn]. However, which is the most reliable version of this tradition, and what are its interpretations? Once more, we painstakingly have read all of the most common refutations, from books written to the most contemporary online articles and addressed these in depth.


Did Ali ibn Abi Talib really name his sons after Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman?

Arguably one of the most oft repeated arguments in attempting to prove the love between Ali ibn Abi Talib and the first three caliphs, is that he named his sons after them. After all, by what coincidence could this have occurred? This work looks into whether he did name each of his sons these names, analysing the issue from an objective, rather than a sectarian angle. By taking into account evidence as well as the historical context of the time, a holistic assessment is made on this issue.