English Tafseers

While many of out greatest Tafseers are in the Arabic language, we are blessed to have some of those translated into the English language. We will list here exegesis of the noble Quran which we feel are the most useful and have scholarly rigour.


An enlightening commentary to the Holy Quran

This exegesis was written by a group of scholars and is comprehensive but succinct enough to be accessible and read by the majority of people. We would highly recommend this one for anyone beginning to read Tafseer of the Quran.

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Al-Mīzān fī tafsīr al-Qur’ān

In our eyes, and the eyes of many scholars, this is arguably either the, or one of the greatest Tafsirs of the Quran ever written. It was legacy left behind by Alama Muhammed Hussain T’abataba’i (rh). The depth and beauty this Tafsir, and the very clear and transparent methodology emanates power of rational truth and reason.

Praise be to Allah, large parts of al-Mizan have been translated – Access al-Mizan

The al-Tawhid institute of Australia is also translating the other volumes, many of which have been translated and are available for purchase: http://www.tawheed.com.au/shop/

The words of scholars about this Tafsir:

  • Morteza Motahhari: “His Tafsir al-mizan may be one of the best exegeses of the Quran. … I dare claim that the exegesis is, in certain respects, the best exegesis written among Shiites and Sunnis from the early Islam until today”.
  • ‘Abd Allah Jawadi Amuli: “Just as the Quran is the treasury of all knowledge, the exegesis written by ‘Allama [Tabataba’i] is the treasury of all views and thoughts that he possessed and conveyed to others”.
  • Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husayni Tihrani: “In this work, a reconciliation has been made between the interior and exterior meanings and between the reasoning and the tradition [hadiths], each playing its own role. This exegesis is so significant that it can be introduced as a documentation of Shiite beliefs. It is unique in revealing precise and subtle points and in its comprehensiveness”.
  • Ja’far Subhani: “What was morally and spiritually attractive about ‘Allama Tabataba’i was that he never pretended to know a lot, his only motive being the satisfaction of God and pure piety. If someone knew nothing about his intellectual position, it would never occur to him that he was the founder of a new methodology in the Quranic exegesis and new rules and problems in Islamic philosophy and a master in mysticism. ‘Allama should be regarded as the founder of a particular style in Quranic exegesis, instances of which can only be found in some hadiths, that is, the disambiguation of a Quranic verse by an appeal to other verses”.
  • Nasir Makarim Shirazi: “This is a work on the basis of the great method of interpreting the Quran by the Quran, and it definitely contains truths that have so far been hidden from us”.
  • Muhammad Hadi Ma’rifat: “This exegesis is a treasury of Islamic thoughts. There are remarkable innovations in it … in this work, ‘Allama [Tabataba’i] has presented profound and great materials that may transform philosophical and Islamic thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary for people in Shiite seminary schools to work more on this work”.
  • Muhammadi Gilani (a pupil of ‘Allama Tabataba’i): “Tafsir al-mizan is an extraordinary exegesis of the Quran. The author did not employ intellectual principles in order to elucidate Quranic verses; rather he made an appeal to philosophical and hadith-related discussions in his work in order to demonstrate their truth by an appeal to the Quran and hadiths of Ahl al-Bayt (a).