Contemporary issues

While debate concerning the existence of God has been a feature of many societies throughout history, it has never achieved the levels witnessed in modern society , paticularly with the rise of ‘New Atheism’.  By extension, Islam itself has been widely targeted, with great efforts made trying to prove that the Quran is the work of a seventh century bedouin, by virtue of the fact it allegedly contains scientific errors, thus discounting it by default as a claimant of divine origin. There has never been a more pressing need to respond to attacks against the existence of God and the very foundations of Islam. While many valid attempts have been made by many in pursuit of this, we seek to address more contemporary attacks.  


Addressing alleged scientific errors in the Quran

Those who seek to present the Quran as no more than the expected forgery of a seventh century bedouin use verses which are allegedly against established fact concerning natural phenomena. They further claim that these errors are merely repeated misconceptions of  beliefs of that time period, and this in turn clearly demonstrates the Quran is (allegedly) man-made and not divine.  The articles contained in this section seek to dissect these claims , presenting an intellectually honest, and robust response. 


Addressing Salafism

Salafi Muslims claim to be adherents to the purest possible path of Islam, shunning newly invented matters and distortions which have crept into the faith after the death of the Prophet Muhammed (saw). While there are certainly positive aspects with respect to some of the methods used by this group, they have deviated from the majority of Sunnis and Shias by attributing heretical claims to Allah (swt). This alone would be valid grounds for any intellectually honest seeker of the truth to discount them as claimants of the right sect.