What many adherents of the modern Salafi movement may not know is that Ibn Taymiyyah permitted bowing down to Idols, with the intention one was not actually prostrating to them, but to Allah, when they felt fear or lived in a polytheist dominated region.  Some of our dear readers from […]

Ibn Taymiyyah: Permissible to bow to Idols under Taqiyyah

Hadith-al-Thaqalayn (حديث الثقلين) is a topic of fierce debate between Shia and Sunni Muslims. The interpretation of this narration has enormous ramifications in theology and virtually every fundamental branch in Islam. Did the Prophet ﷺ  merely recommend his Ummah to take care of his Ahlulbayt, or was it a statement […]

Hadith-Thaqalayn حديث الثقلين – the most reliable version

RE: Twelve reasons to leave Shia Islam TSN and youpunctured have decided to draft twelve reasons [mirroring the number of Imams] as to why Shia muslims should reconsider their faith. The arguments centre on the following twelve reasons:   A Pure Focus on Allah the Almighty Access to the Hadith […]

RE: Twelve reasons to leave Shiaism

Ali ibn Abi Talib had a son named Uthman ibn Ali. He was a virtuous son who was a matyr on the day of Ashura in Kerbala at the young age of 21. The question that arises is – why did Ali ibn Abi Talib name his son Uthman ? […]

Uthman ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib [ra]

Some might claim that the shiite perspective on the Ummayads as well as the alleged act of changing names is one big shiite conspiracy. However, it is essential to examine the socio political context of the time, particularly pertaining to the importance of names and genealogy.  It is an undisputed […]

The Ummayads and importance of name