Arabic Tafseers

The Shia are blessed with some of the greatest exegesis on the Quran ever written.  However, some of those Tafseers are greater than others. We thus seek to present to you only the verst best , so that you may consult them and be assured that the veracity of the scholars who wrote this Tafseers and furthermore, the high status and position that they hold.

Al-Tibyan fi tafsir al-Qur’an التبیان فی تفسیر القرآن

This particular Tafsir is one of the greatest classical exegesis possessed by the Shia. It was written by Shaykh-Tusi, regarded by many as the leading scholar of the sect. Shaykh Tusi is responsible for authoring two of the four ‘Kutub al Arbah’ canonical books revered by the Shia as the most authentic and most useful. His scholarly prowess, the sheer volume of work he left behind us, and his legacy as one of our greatest scholars of all time is beyond any shadow of doubt. He was born 72 years after Tabari, who himself wrote a Tafsir regarded to be the greatest classical Tafseer in Sunni Islam. Shaykh Tusi was born 382AH died 460AH after living a long life utilised purely for the preservation of the true teachings of Muhammed and his purified progeny. 

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What scholars have said about this Tafseer:

Al-Shaykh al-Tabarsi writes, “al-Tibyan is a book from which the light of the truth glitters and the fragrance of veracity can be smelled from it; and it contains unique secrets and extensive literary points.”

Agha Buzurg Tihrani asserts, “This commentary is a precious and valuable one. It is the first commentary in which all types of Quranic sciences have been incorporated.”

Sayyid Muhammad Mahdi Bahr al-‘Ulum states, “This commentary covers all [Quranic] sciences and is a unique book among commentaries.”