About us

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

We greet you with the islamic greeting – Asalamualaykum. Peace be upon you.

Whoaretheshia.com is a project supported by a network of volunteers all over the world, designed not to convert anyone to Shia islam, but to present the true form of Shia islam thus allowing for one to make a better informed judgement. Given the mass misrepresentations and distortions , and the many websites dedicated to truly portraying Shia islam in the most negative of lights, twisting what is actually believed by us, we felt it was essential to have a website like this.

We aim to be fair and objective in our articles, using a consistent and intellectually rigorous approach. We feel that if we do not do so, we will lose credibility. Therefore we have at times abandoned making making points in order to preserve only that which we feel we can substantiate with reliable sources. Where we do not do this, we are honest in hi-lighting dispute over a certain source.

We also have a dedicated Youtube channel, which we hope to produce quality content, in addition to our Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram pages. We were founded in October 2017, and thus, God-willing we hope to have much more content on all of our platforms in due course and we advise you continue to visit the website from time to time.

Unfortunately, many of the websites out there which aim to refute Shia islam contain content that is phrased in derogatory manner, promoting and supporting youtube channels known to be abusive, offensive, and callous. We here on whoaretheshia.com seek to emulate the morals and way of the Prophet [saw] and his purified progeny [asws]. Furthermore, Allah [swt] states:  “Invite all to the way of your lord through wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue in ways that are best”. [Quran].

The team:

Co-owners: Ali ,Yaqub, and Muhammed.

Authors: Yaqub, Adam, Ali,  and Zainab.

Technical: Isa