Ayatullah Khamanei condemns crawling to shrines

“The revolution of Imam Hussain (as): Its specialities and focal points” by Ayatullah Khamenei (Original Arabic page posted at the bottom of the post)

‘There is a strange bid’ah that people have lately invented, in the method of ziyarah. As you know, all the Imams (as) used to visit the pure grave of the Prophet (pbuh) and the pure graves of the ahlulbayt (as) in Medina, Iraq and Iran; but have you ever heard that any of the Imams (as) or the scholars used to crawl upon his torso from the entrance of the shrines to the grave spot during their ziyarah? So if this act was mustahab or good in itself, then surely the great scholars would have performed it, however, they did not perform such acts. In fact, it has been mentioned that Ayatullah Burujerdi, who was a very pious scholar and leading mujtahid, and a man of pioneering ideas; forbade even the kissing of the doorstep of the shrines of any of the Imams (as).’

“Al Thawrah al hussaiyniyah: Khasais wa murtakizat” (A collection of various lectures by Ayatullah Khamenei, collected and arranged by editors from the “Society of Islamic Cultural knowledge” from Beirut, Lebanon)”