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“The revolution of Imam Hussain (as): Its specialities and focal points” by Ayatullah Khamenei (Original Arabic page posted at the bottom of the post) ‘There is a strange bid’ah that people have lately invented, in the method of ziyarah. As you know, all the Imams (as) used to visit the pure grave […]

Ayatullah Khamanei condemns crawling to shrines

Taken from: https://ballandalus.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/misrepresenting-karbala-a-response-to-dr-yasir-qadhi/comment-page-1/   “A refutation of Dr Yasir Qadhi’s view of Kerbala. On November 10th 2013 (6th of Muharram 1435), Dr. Yasir Qadhi—a prominent Muslim cleric and public intellectual—gave a speech in which he sought to explore the historical dimensions of the massacre at Karbala in 680 A.D., in […]

‘Kerbala: A historic analysis’ – Response to Yasir Qadhi