Ibn Taymiyyah: It is possible for Allah, the Almighty to be a physical thing

We wish to bring to the attention of our dear readers a bizarre ruling made by ibn Taymiyyah. In this Fatwah he explicitly states it is an innovation to rule out that Allah , the Almighty is a physical thing, and thus essentially believes it is possible that he is. This is a heresy in Tawheed, and one of the most grotesque and deviant beliefs, and Allah, the Almighty is  free of such claims made.

“It is well-known that there is no report from any of the Prophets or from the Sahaabah or from the Taabi‘een or from any of the early generations of the ummah to suggest that Allah is a physical entity or that He is not a physical entity. Rather denying or affirming that is an innovation according to Islam. …”

Reference:  Majmoo‘ al-Fataawa (5/434)  [ Ibn Taymiyyiah]

As adherents and believers in the pure Tawheed, we can unanimously say in the school of Muhammed and his purified progeny (Salam be upon them all) we affirm Allah the Almighty can never be a physical thing. Physical realities are contingent, created, composed up of constituent parts themselves and such contingencies can never be attributed to the necessary reality, the necessary cause by which everything else exists. “…And there is nothing like unto him”(Surah Ikhlas, Noble Quran). Allah also states: “There is nothing whatsoever like unto him” (Noble Quran) and “Glorified is Allah far above what they claim!” (Noble Quran 21:22). We hope to demonstrate in further depth as time progresses of the full deviance this individual had in one of the most fundamental concepts in the religion of Islam: Tawheed.  Compare the words of Ibn Taymiyyah, and the Ahlulbayt (asws):

“The Imam said, “There is nothing in the universe, but that is subject to annihilation, alteration, change, decay, transition from one color to another, from one shape to another and from one quality to another. They increase, decrease and change from decrease to increase, except He, Who is the Lord of the worlds. He alone is eternal and in one state. He is the first, before every thing and the last eternally. His attributes and names do not change as they do in the case of others. A man at one time is dust, at other time flesh and blood, then turns into decaying bones and finally becomes dust. A piece of date  at one time is raw, at another time ripe, mature and then it dries up. With every change, the names and attributes also change. Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious is different from all such things.” (Kitab al-Kafi, Volume 1, Kitab at-Tawheed)

What clear evidence this is for the fact the Ale Muhammed have preserved the true Sunnah and the correct understanding of Allah, the Almighty.