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Ali ibn Abi Talib had a son named Uthman ibn Ali. He was a virtuous son who was a matyr on the day of Ashura in Kerbala at the young age of 21. The question that arises is – why did Ali ibn Abi Talib name his son Uthman ? […]

Uthman ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib [ra]

Some might claim that the shiite perspective on the Ummayads as well as the alleged act of changing names is one big shiite conspiracy. However, it is essential to examine the socio political context of the time, particularly pertaining to the importance of names and genealogy.  It is an undisputed […]

The Ummayads and importance of name

In the 21st century, muslims who revere the first three Caliphs will immediately have them in their minds whenever the names ‘Abu Bakr’, ‘Umar’ and Uthman are mentioned. Immediately they will begin to feel a sense of pride, joy, and deep sense of reverence for the aforementioned inviduals. In the […]

The cultural context of the period

Before engaging in a direct discussion concerning the names of the three sons of Ali, it is important to gain a background and a context to the matter. While sources differ ,  according to Shaykh Al Mufid  -arguably one of the greatest classical scholars in Shia Islam- in his book […]

The number and the names of the children of Ali ...